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Rob Carlson & Benefit Street in a club setting Thursday, January 5th, 8 pm at Cafe 9, 250 State St., New Haven, CT. Scroll down for more.

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Track list:

1    All I Saw (3:39)
2    Shakin on Down (3:41)
3    Stopwatch (4:06)
4    Your Own Lyin' Eyes (3:27)
5    Angels on the Radio (4:35)
6    Benefit Street & Me (3:22)
7    Me (4:40)
8    The One Called Shenandoah II (4:27)
9    When I Turn to You (4:16)
10    Gardner, Illinois (3:51)
11    Let's Run Away (3:16)
12    Small Town Band (4:02)

13.   Modern Man: Los Geezers del Amor (4:48)


The exciting second album by           ROB CARLSON & THE BENEFIT STREET BAND (Presence PCD3304), is an all-original collection of folk, Americana, pop and rock, with a touch of humor as well. Featuring "Angels on the Radio," "All I Saw," "The One Called Shenandoah," and other in-concert favorites. Hear full songs now and buy downloads or CDs at CD Baby. Also on iTunes and YouTube (search for "Rob Carlson Benefit Street"). Also on Spotify and more.)

EXCLUSIVE BONUS SONG: the final studio recording by Rob's former group, Modern Man: "Los Geezers del Amor."

More at www.robcarlsonmusic.com

Read Rob's comments on the new album here.

Some unsolicited initial comments from fans and friends:

"Congratulations again on the CD -- great tunes, fun lyrics, I will enjoy listening again and again."

"Great album. Love it!"

"I've been listening to your music and enjoying. Especially liked 'Benefit Street & Me."

"Congratulations...so much good stuff! "


ROB CARLSON & BENEFIT STREET (What Cheer CD3345, co-produced by Presence and Inverted Turtle Records) is the first album from singer-songwriter Rob Carlson with his new band, sharing its name (and its keyboardist Paul Payton) with his long-ago group of the same name. Hear songs and buy downloads or full CDs at Bandcamp or CD Baby. More about this and other Rob Carlson and Modern Man albums at www.robcarlsonmusic.com.

In the performance photo above,  L-R: Paul Payton, Rob Carlson, Sam Carlson, Vin Pasternak; Fairfield, CT
On the album cover: Vin, Sam, Rob and Paul on Benefit Street, Providence, RI

Track list:

  1. Georgianna
  2. The One Called Shenandoah
  3. Isaac Smiles
  4. Lady of Old Monterey
  5. Time and Time Again
  6. The Bells of St. Stephen's
  7. Seven Years
  8. Walk and Don't Walk
  9. Money Movin' Money Around
  10. Fly (Joachim's Song)
  11. Before They Know You're Gone
  12. Hudson Bridge

BENEFIT STREET/ THE AMERICAN DREAM (Presence PCD3301) was an original music band from New England who, as The American Dream, had a top ten single in Rhode Island in 1967 but the rest of whose music, although unreleased, received extensive airplay. Their music has never before been compiled until this unique collectors' album, which also contains previously-unheard demos and an 8-page historical booklet! Click here to begin the band's story. Hear excerpts and buy downloads or full CDs at CD Baby. The group is in the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame.


Come see and hear Rob Carlson & Benefit Street in a club setting Thursday, January 5th (time TBA), at Cafe 9, 250 State St., New Haven, CT. "The core band" - Rob, Paul and Vin, with Beth Bradley, vocals/guitar - promises a fun night of music in a great listening room. Tickets are $8 at the door (21 and over); doors open 7:30, we're on at 8:00 followed by Steve Mednick & Hard Road.

More performances to be announced - keep checking in!

For BOOKING, call 203-256-0580 or e-mail booking@RobCarlsonMusic.com


Looking for Paul Payton's voice-overs, including streaming demos? Go to www.paulpayton.com


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THE FABULOUS DUDES, "The Kids Would Go Wild!" (Presence PCD3303), presents 14 new original group harmony (doo-wop) tracks that could have been hits had they come out in the '50s and early '60s.   For more information about the group, song titles, etc. click on the group's home page, the stories behind the songs and lyrics, and some of the comments from their friends and fans.
   You can hear and download songs, the digital album or the CD at Bandcamp and CD Baby