Selected lyrics

All songs ©è 2012 Paul Payton, Paytoons, BMI, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved; used by permission


Six teenagers coasting through high school – we thought we were so cool,
Singing doo-wops in the halls, perfecting the moves of The Fabulous Dudes.

Sixteen dances and dozens of parties put our music where our heart is.
We wanted to record the rhythm ‘n’ blues of The Fabulous Dudes.

Success came overnight; it was a thrill, it was a fright.
We did a package tour from shore to shining shore.
We lived the fantasy that rock ‘n’ roll should be life in perfect harmony

Six more singles and a couple of long plays – we were kings of the airwaves,
Living in style; the kids would go wild for The Fabulous Dudes

The first couple were hits, they made it up the charts,
But they slicked us up a bit and the records missed their mark
And then the music changed, and nothing was the same; we faded as fast as we came.

Sixteen agents and managers later, we know that it’s greater
To sing the way we feel. The harmony still rules for The Fabulous Dudes!

© 1984 Paul Payton, Paytoons, BMI. All rights reserved; used by permission. 


(words and music by Peter Skolnik)

I love you…


I love you, yes I do, and I know our love is true

Till we danced, till we talked, till we joined our hands and walked

I love you so go with me, oh how happy we will be

Oh Davilee, Davilee, honey, can’t you see?


With your beauty heavenly you cast your spell on me

And I stand here breathlessly when my love is near to me

‘Cause from you a single word is the sweetest ever heard

Oh Davilee, Davilee, honey can’t you see?


Before we ever met, before I knew your name

I loved you hopelessly

But now that you are mine, a feeling so divine

Comes from my love for Davilee


So I hope and I pray that maybe some sweet day

We can join our hands together endlessly

I’ll be proud of my girl, my lovely bright-eyed pearl

Oh Davilee, Davilee, honey can’t you see?

© 1989 Peter Skolnik; è 1989 Paytoons, BMI 




Take the moment, reach for the stars
Let this evening be exclusively ours
For our parting will come too soon
Bette Blue Moon (Bette Blue Moon)

In your life, please let me play a part
Hold the feelings so deep in your heart
Warm summer evenings parked by the dunes with
Bette Blue Moon (Bette Blue Moon)

From out of nowhere you came into my life
Lover from a distant past
Have you returned for a brief but sweet affair
Or do you think it will last?

Take the moment, hold each other tight
Thrill to the tenderness till we must say goodnight
And I’ll be waiting for you to come back soon
Bette Blue Moon (Bette Blue Moon)

Have you returned for a brief but sweet affair
Or do you think it will last?

Take the moment, hold each other tight
Thrill to the tenderness till we must say goodnight
And I’ll be waiting for you to come back soon
Bette Blue Moon (Bette Blue Moon) 

© 1988, Paytoons, BMI. Used by permission.



Your love goes with me always, In big and in small ways, so warm and so true

Your love is so satisfying, And I am trying to be worthy of you

            Everything I am, everything that I do

            Is so much better than if I didn’t have you

            It is true

Your love Is warm as the sunshine, And darling, you’re all mine and I belong to you

            Everything I have, everything that I need

            Is more wonderful ‘cause of you loving me

            Can’t you see?

© 1997, Paytoons, BMI. Used by permission.



Christmas time is coming, but you're going away from me

Oh, baby, can’t you see  just how lonely I will be


Even though I’m knowing that you’re going and it must be

I guess I’ll have to light my tree with just myself for company


Although this season finds us apart

And the winter chill is so cold                     

I’ll keep this warm feeling right here in my heart

Till you’re in my arms to hold


Christmastime is coming  and though you’re going I won’t grieve

If you’ll promise to be with me in time for New Year’s Eve

© 2006, Paytoons, BMI. Used by permission.



A Holiday Editorial Comment: It has been a bit difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year. It’s not about a specific religion, as every major faith and culture notes some kind of solstice observation, but the season’s spirituality seems to keep getting more deeply buried. Strident commercialism, polarized politics and partial collapse of the social contract seem to have pushed the holidays’ true meaning into deep background. So many charities and politicians have been begging incessantly to meet artificial deadlines “or the matching fund expires” (really, if they’re a few dollars short of their goal, will the matching donor really walk away?), and every imaginable retailer is having a now-or-never sale followed by yet another one. Black Friday and traffic jams almost subsumed Thanksgiving, once the last uncommercialized holiday, and now the Christmas/Hanukkah/solstice season now seems to be measured by how much one buys or “gifts.” (Note from my late English-teacher mother: “gift” is not a verb.)

It’s hard to remember that there is still good in the world which one can find if one looks for it, and that life doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. Perhaps our view is colored by friends and family passing, other friends moving, and so on. But my wife decorated our Christmas tree, we lit our menorah, we have great friends here and around the country and world, we try to focus on doing things rather than amassing stuff, and we are doing our best to stay optimistic. Good friends and good adventures go a long way to make that happen. And making what we hope is good music helps it all go down more smoothly! Thank you all.

Best wishes of the season,