The Catskill Mountain Railroad Album

A unique collection of original music about trains and people who love them

Presence PCD3305


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1 – Paul Payton with Rob Carlson – Catskill Mountain Railroad Train (Paul Payton)
Produced by Paul Payton. Paul Payton: keys, bass, drums; Rob Carlson, vocals, guitar. (P)© 2019, Paytoons, BMI. New on this album!  
2 – Ben Rounds – Train Used to Run (Ben Rounds)
Produced by Ben Rounds. Ben Rounds: vocal, guitar. Additional bass and piano: Paul Payton. Original version from “Ben Rounds,” (P)© 2014, Plain Label Records. New version on this album!  
3 – Alice Bierhorst – Train Song (Alice Bierhorst)
Produced by Alice Bierhorst. Alice Bierhorst: vocals, piano; Ben Gallina: bass; Adam Levy: guitar; Diego Voglino: drums. From "All Shall Be Revealed," Shur Records 01/2012. © 2012 Alice Bierhorst/Shur Songs, BMI.  
4 – Rob Carlson & The Benefit Street Band – Shakin’ On Down (Rob Carlson)
Produced by Rob Carlson. Rob Carlson, vocals, acoustic guitar; Paul Payton, keys; Vin Pasternak, mandolin; Sam Carlson, drums; Marshal Rosenberg, percussion; Jim Clarke; soprano sax. From “Angels on the Radio,” Presence PCD3304, (P)© 2015 Rob Carlson Music, BMI.  
5 – Wild Carnation – Susquehanna 142 (Richard Barnes; Christopher O'Donovan: Brenda Sauter)
Produced by Wild Carnation and Don Sternecker. Richard Barnes, electric & acoustic guitars, organ, bells; Christopher O'Donovan: drums, percussion, backing vocals; Brenda Sauter: bass guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar, bells. From “Tricycle,” Delmore Recording Society DE009, © 1994, ASCAP.  
6 – Paul Payton – Isn’t Life Just Like a Railroad (Paul Payton)
Produced by Paul Payton. Paul Payton: all instruments and vocals. (P)© 2019, Paytoons, BMI. New on this album!  
7 – Goats in Trees – Fast Train (Monica Crigler)
Jason Crigler, guitar, vocals; Monica Crigler, guitar, vocals; Jeff Hill, bass, vocals; John Mettam, drums, vocals. From “The Golden Thread,” © 2014, CityBird Music, BMI.  
8 – Rob Carlson & Benefit Street Hudson Bridge (Paul Payton)
Produced by Paul Payton and Rob Carlson. Paul Payton, piano, bass; Rob Carlson, guitar; Vin Pasternak, viola. From “Rob Carlson & Benefit Street,” What Cheer 3345, (P)© 2011, Paytoons, BMI


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Paul Payton, voice talent, former radio personality and (of course) always a musician, began playing with Rob Carlson in Benefit Street back in their college days. They reunited in 2009 in the group's current incarnation. "Catskill Mountain Railroad Train," the CMRR's theme song, is Paul's composition and track with Rob adding all vocals and guitars. "Isn't Life Just Like a Railroad" is all Paul, and the two Benefit Street tracks are from the new group's two current albums. They're hoping that "Hudson Bridge" (inspired by what is now called "Walkway Over The Hudson") will be the "next" "Ashokan Farewell"!

Ben Rounds is a singer, songwriter, entertainer and local legend in the Catskills for his own music as well as his open mic nights. The version of "Train Used to Run" included here is a new expanded arrangement of a song from his first CD - there are two, with a third under construction. For Ben's bio, click here and then click "Behind the Music."

Alice Bierhorst was brought up in West Shokan, NY (where the "train used to run") but is now based in Brooklyn. She is a multi-instrument musician with an amazing singing voice; here's her bio. She also surrounds herself with some of New York's best musicians. Alice has released 14 albums and a variety of videos, one of which (not "on topic" but outstanding) is "Not Like the Movies." Enjoy the diversion!

Wild Carnation is a band from northern New Jersey whose members have roots in the legendary Feelies. "Susquehanna 142" celebrates one of the last Chinese-built steam locomotives shipped to the US, which now runs on the Belvidere & Delaware River Railway, a scenic route operating south from Phillipsburg, NJ. Special thanks to Kingston- and Brooklyn-based artist Shana Falana, a great talent in her own right and the "talent scout" who connected us with Wild Carnation.

Goats in Trees, formerly of Brooklyn and now based in northern New England, is centered around Jason & Monica Crigler. Besides their excellent musicianship and songwriting, Jason Crigler has his own remarkable story to tell of his improbable full recovery from catastrophic illness, which he does in this TEDx Talk; it was also covered brilliantly in the award-winning documentary "Life. Support. Music." broadcast on PBS. His current projects can be found here. "Dead of Winter," the song that introduced them to me, is finally on line, too.

All songs in this compilation used by permission; all rights to the individual contributions remain with the artists, whose music helps to keep the trains running. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

Thanks to The Catskill Mountain Railroad for their immeasurable help in bringing this album to fruition, especially Ernest Hunt, President; and the Executive Board and volunteers.
Compilation (P) 2019 Presence Productions, 67 Candace Ln, Chatham, NJ 07928 /