"Loved it!"

-- Cool Bobby B, The Doo-Wop Stop, Sirius/XM

"It's a great album! 'The Fabulous Dudes' has great harmony; Bobby Nelson’s lead, 16 Candles tune and biographical lyrics all combine as a perfect match…super ending is a bonus! 'Our Winter Love' is haunting, beginning and throughout; and 'Christmas Time...' in every aspect is A-plus!!!"

-- Paul Bezanker, author, Connecticut Rocks

"I'm really enjoying the songs. All the new selections are great. We'll play the heck out of it on WSLR. All the best with it!"

-- Nay Nassar, WSLR, Sarasota, FL

"I like what you are doing, and I want to start my own group. I'm young, 21, so I guess I have time. These are all great! On the title track of the did you get it to sound so, well, '50s? Davilee: wow! That would have been a huge hit in NY/NJ if it was released then." 

-- Wes Smith, Texas

"There are some excellent songs here. 'Our Winter Love' is fantastic. Two more good ones: 'Davilee' and 'A Boy Like Me.'"

-- Jim Shannon, Connecticut

"I was taken with how well it was done--and how retro it is. You've got a huge ear for replication. Great job."

-- Keith McClelland, Washington

"The CD is always in my car. It's my calming-down music after a day at the office!"

-- Dr. David Lerman, New Jersey

A Holiday Editorial Comment: It has been a bit difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year. It’s not about a specific religion, as every major faith and culture notes some kind of solstice observation, but the season’s spirituality seems to keep getting more deeply buried. Strident commercialism, polarized politics and partial collapse of the social contract seem to have pushed the holidays’ true meaning into deep background. So many charities and politicians have been begging incessantly to meet artificial deadlines “or the matching fund expires” (really, if they’re a few dollars short of their goal, will the matching donor really walk away?), and every imaginable retailer is having a now-or-never sale followed by yet another one. Black Friday and traffic jams almost subsumed Thanksgiving, once the last uncommercialized holiday, and now the Christmas/Hanukkah/solstice season now seems to be measured by how much one buys or “gifts.” (Note from my late English-teacher mother: “gift” is not a verb.)

It’s hard to remember that there is still good in the world which one can find if one looks for it, and that life doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. Perhaps our view is colored by friends and family passing, other friends moving, and so on. But my wife decorated our Christmas tree, we lit our menorah, we have great friends here and around the country and world, we try to focus on doing things rather than amassing stuff, and we are doing our best to stay optimistic. Good friends and good adventures go a long way to make that happen. And making what we hope is good music helps it all go down more smoothly! Thank you all.

Best wishes of the season,