"Loved it!"

-- Cool Bobby B, The Doo-Wop Stop, Sirius/XM

"It's a great album! 'The Fabulous Dudes' has great harmony; Bobby Nelson’s lead, 16 Candles tune and biographical lyrics all combine as a perfect match…super ending is a bonus! 'Our Winter Love' is haunting, beginning and throughout; and 'Christmas Time...' in every aspect is A-plus!!!"

-- Paul Bezanker, author, Connecticut Rocks

"I'm really enjoying the songs. All the new selections are great. We'll play the heck out of it on WSLR. All the best with it!"

-- Nay Nassar, WSLR, Sarasota, FL

"I like what you are doing, and I want to start my own group. I'm young, 21, so I guess I have time. These are all great! On the title track of the did you get it to sound so, well, '50s? Davilee: wow! That would have been a huge hit in NY/NJ if it was released then." 

-- Wes Smith, Texas

"There are some excellent songs here. 'Our Winter Love' is fantastic. Two more good ones: 'Davilee' and 'A Boy Like Me.'"

-- Jim Shannon, Connecticut

"I was taken with how well it was done--and how retro it is. You've got a huge ear for replication. Great job."

-- Keith McClelland, Washington

"The CD is always in my car. It's my calming-down music after a day at the office!"

-- Dr. David Lerman, New Jersey